Sergio Laccone, that the undersigned has known for several years, is a famous musician for musicians and a less famous musician for the public. Everywhere, for us fans of good music, Sergio is a real benjamin.


An eclectic talent that having clearly eaten a large amount of music, then "ruminates" it, digests it and translates it into beautiful and original compositions, all of which have a constant mysterious influence which, if not a little 'rhetorical, I'd call it of the "sun "; perhaps the sun of Apulia (think about it, all countries of the world have a different sun ...).


Laccone, in short, plays with the folk music, melts down with the ballads, scratces about Neapolitan territory (Naples still remains the great capital of the Art of the South..), looks into Jamaica, sails to the other side of the Mediterranean and, finally, he discovers that the language of his home country, in particular the dialects of Bari and Puglia in general, can be very musical without necessarily being folkloric .

This album is a summa of the varied talents of Sergio: something to listen and listen again, that has nothing to do with the "disposable" products made by many famous artists; a CD bound to last and to be discovered and rediscovered with repeated listenings, as it happened to me; maybe to ... improve with age like a fine wine. Which is, in times frivolous and superficial, hasty and venal like those today absolutely no small thing. In fact. It’s a lot .


                                    Renzo Arbore


(The Return of the Heroes)